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Holidays in Protaras, Cyprus

A beach resort with a difference, Protaras is beautiful to behold but also fun to experience! Its stunning coastline, cliffs and caves give way to a lively social atmosphere amid unlimited relaxation and entertainment options.

Fondly referred to as ‘the land of the windmills’, the charming landscape of Protaras was dotted with quaint windmills before it expanded to become a favourite holiday destination. Today, its white sands and transparent crystal waters are what attract visitors to its main beaches at Fig Tree Bay and Konnos Bay.

Compact in size, most of the major tourist attractions are located within a short distance and the hub of its nightlife is the cobbled strip where traditional tavernas mingle with tourist establishments. The neighbouring villages of Agia Napa and Paralimni are holiday resorts in their own right and offer further opportunities to explore and enjoy.

Away from the animated vibe, a different Protaras emerges – an area abundant with natural beauty. Cliffs, caves and coves are yours to explore, and top diving and snorkelling sites reveal an underwater labyrinth where corals, marine life and turtles thrive.

The area’s defining attraction is Cape Greco, an eye-catching headland located between Protaras and Agia Napa with a protected nature park and breathtaking views of the sea.

The island’s sweet strawberries and juicy watermelons are grown mainly in Protaras.

Must see stuff in Protaras

Cape Greco  The coves and beaches of Cape Greco are a favourite spot for a range of sports from diving to cycling and hiking.

Sea Caves  The highlight of the Protaras coastline, these unique rock formations range from small crevices to bigger caves that can be explored.

Agia Napa Square Neighbouring Agia Napa’s main square developed around a Byzantine monastery and is surrounded by vibrant entertainment and nightlife.

For something out of the ordinary, Protaras and Ayia Napa are both home to Waterparks where children and adults can spend a day entertained by the original rides and activities. Children will also love the Ocean Aquarium which takes you on a magical journey through the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world where you will encounter 400 different species. Another museum worth visiting is the Marine Heritage Centre where everything and anything connected with marine life is displayed. Just outside Protaras, at Cavo Greco, is a National Forest Park of Cyprus where visitors can cycle and hike through the trails seeing breath-taking views of the sea as well as amazing sea caves. Furthermore, a 15km pedestrian route spans the entire length of the main coastal road in Protaras which is ideal for walkers and bikers.

Profitis Elias
Steep stone-built steps lead to the chapel of Prophet Elias, built on an almost vertical granite hill with panoramic views of the resort.

Things to do in Protaras

Local flavours
Cyprus has an exciting cuisine that combines the riches of many diverse food cultures. A typical holiday table is a mini-tour of the entire Mediterranean.
The Cyprus potato
Exported all over the Europe for their unique taste, these red-soil potatoes can’t beat, especially when fried or lemon-roasted in the oven.
The locals’ answer to BBQ is souvla, large pieces of lamb or pork slow-cooked on lng skewers over a charcoal grill, sometimes sprinkled with salt, oregano, oil and wine. No island feast is complete without souvla.
Cyprus meze
The Meze or ‘little tastes’, is the best introduction to the multiple pleasures of local cooking. It’s the chance to sample 20 to 30 different dishes such as tahini and taramosalata, sheftalia sausages, stifado stew, kleftiko and many others. Go slowly, siga siga, and enjoy!
Halloumi, the iconic cheese of Cyprus, originated on the island 800 years ago. It is a semi-hard, unaged cheese made from sheep and goats’ milk and often garnished with fresh mint leaves. The texture will remind you of a mozzarella, and because it is stored in brine, it has a salty flavor. Eat it fresh and it will squeak on your teeth. Grilled or fried in olive oil and doused with lemon juice, the taste is the essence of Cyprus sun and sea! In the summer, enjoy it with watermelon. And for a traditional sandwich, try it with tomato, cucumber and wine-soaked lountza, the local cured ham.
Something sweet
This ‘black gold’ of Cyprus is used in hundreds of candies, cakes, and cookies. It also makes a delicious liqueur.
A symbol of island hospitality, glyka are fruits or vegetables (walnut, eggplant, sour syrup. Try them native-style with a Cyprus coffee and a tall cool glass of water
Known as the goodness Aphrodite’s favorite love potion, Cyprus’s wild thyme honey has an aroma and taste that is sublime.
Once you taste this confection of grape juice, almonds and rose water, you ‘ll never forget it. Makes the perfect souvenir.
Also called ‘Cyprus Delight’, these are soft but chewy, powdered-sugar-coated cubes of gel that come in such flavors as rosewater, orange, lemon or refreshing mint
5 top drinks
From a wide array of beverages available on the island here are the 5 most popular:
An arise-flavored aperitif and a symbol of Greek culture. Add water or ice and a magic cloud appears.
A distillate of two local grapes, it is similar to Italian grappa or french marc. Best enjoyed chilled.
Made from native Xinistery grapes, this is sweeter than the French version. Try it in a Brandy sour cocktail.
Cyprus winemakers are winning more international awards every year. Maratheftiko and Xinisteri are two varieties unique to the island
Similar to Port or Tokay, Commandaria is one of the oldest continuously made wines in Europe. With or without dessert, it’s the idea after dinner drink.

Archaeological sites and monuments in Protaras

Many monasteries are found in the surrounding areas, but one of the most beautiful, and definitely worth a visit, is the Monastery of Ayia Napa found in the heart of Ayia Napa town. Originally built around a cave, where an icon of the Virgin Mary was found, it was later built up by the Venetians and includes a scenic aqueduct and charming central fountain. Additionally, in Protaras there is the little church of Prophet Elias up on a 100 metres high hill. There are 300 steps leading up to the church but the breath-taking panoramic views of Protaras, Cyprus and the sea are definitely worth the climb.

Entertainment in Protaras

There is always something to do in the tourist town of Protaras. Restaurants from all the continents can be found as well as a wide variety of bars and clubs. Furthermore, events and celebrations are planed all year round demonstrating the Cypriot culture and traditions. During June Protaras is also the host of the Beach Volley National Tournaments which are fun and exciting to watch. Agia Napa, the famous clubbing town is also only a ten minute drive away creating another alternative for a memorable night.

Beaches in Protaras

Protaras is credited with having seas and beaches that will take your breath away. Fig Tree Bay, overlooked by Louis Nausicaa, is one of the most popular Protaras beaches due to its crystal clear waters, organized amenities and numerous restaurants and cafes. Another more secluded Protaras beach is Konnos Bay located in a small alcove surrounded by trees and greenery. Sit at the cafe in amongst the trees and allow yourself to be enveloped into the spectacular scenery.

The map of Protaras

Our hotels in Protaras

Louis Althea Kalamies

Louis Althea Kalamies

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Louis Nausicaa Beach

Louis Nausicaa Beach

  • Amazing location with breathtaking views
  • Unique island architecture
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Louis Althea Beach

Louis Althea Beach

  • Unique architecture & landscaping
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  • New second outdoor pool with attractive landscaping Summer 12
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Louis Nausicaa Luxury Villa

Louis Nausicaa Luxury Villa

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