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Corfu Holidays and All Inclusive holidays in Corfu by Louis Hotels

Corfu is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Islands. The island is connected with ancient Greek myths and throughout the centuries it has been conquered by several conquerors. Your Corfu holidays should definitely include visits to the various castles and fortresses around the island. The old town of Corfu has been declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Holidays in Corfu are ideal if you are fans of sightseeing. Visit the Palaia Anaktora, the Achilleion and the Pontikonisi and you will not be disappointed. If you happen to be spending your Corfu holidays during Easter you will be surprised by the unique traditional celebrations by the locals.

Louis Hotels offers a world of choices for Corfu holidays. Our 4 hotels in Corfu offer endless choices to meet all tastes. Iti Louis Grand hotel is located on the best beach of the island and is ideal for beach holidays in Corfu. Louis Kerkyra Golf and Louis Corcyra are situated near the city of Corfu and they are ideal for family holidays and for exploring the island on your Corfu holidays. Primasol Louis Ionian Sun which is recently renovated offers the best value for money for all inclusive holidays in Corfu.

Described as one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Corfu, also sometimes called Corcyra or Kerkyra, is an island overflowing with natural beauty, traditions and hospitable locals. The island is also immersed in mythology as it is said that Nausica, the daughter of King Alkinoos found the shipwrecked Odysseus and tended to his wounds in the bay of Ermones.

The main city, Corfu, is one of the most beautiful in Greece as it has preserved its Venetian character and charm. Built between two fortresses, visitors will be able to admire the delightful Italian and French buildings, narrow streets, Byzantine churches and historical buildings. At the one end of the city is the old Venetian fortress which has been cut off from the main land by a 25m wide moat. West of this fortress one finds the striking Spianada square and several museums such as the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art which is housed in the Palace of the English Lord High Commissioner. Additionally, 10km from the city is the beautiful Achillio Palace which was originally the palace of Elisabeth, also known as Sissy, the empress of Austria. Today it is operated as a very fashionable casino.

Must see stuff in Corfu

Even though the island is a main tourist destination, the villages have managed to keep their local charm and authenticity. Not to be missed is an evening in the village of Pelekas which is famed for its magnificent sunsets and panoramic views of the whole of Corfu, Greece. Other villages worth visiting include Agios Matheos and Lakones.

Paleo Limani

Stroll the long pier to admire the brightly coloured fishing boats; eat fresh fish in an old port taverna!

Plateia San Rocco

Stop at one of the vibrant cafés, listen to a free concert or watch a game of cricket.

Corfu Promenade

Often voted the prettiest town in Greece, Corfu is enclosed by two Italianate castles, creating a cityscape that reminds many travellers of Nice. The romantic architecture of the municipal buildings, palaces and villas reflects the 400-year influence of the Venetian empire. Spianada Square, one of the largest plazas in Europe, is home to a Roman rotunda, an ornate music pavilion where philharmonic orchestras compete, the Liston, an arched colonnade lined with bustling cafés, and acres of green space that host the only cricket matches in Greece.

Easter in Corfu!  

In Greece, Easter is the most important festival of the year, and Corfu has some of the biggest and brightest celebrations. Torch processions, fireworks, scarlet-clad marching bands and clay pots of water flying into the street . . .

Traditional Dress
The woman’s costume is a richly embroidered, long-sleeved vest over an ankle-length dress, with ornaments and jewels hanging from the bodice. Over that is a fancy apron and around the head is the kefalopodia—a flower and jewellery decorated coloured bonnet enclosed by a pure white, long scarf.

At the end of the long 50-day fast before Easter, Greeks savour their first bite into an oven-hot wedge of this sweet bread. Crimson-coloured eggs symbolizing the blood of Christ are baked right into the braided dough. Tsourekis are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Enjoy them for breakfast with a Greek coffee or later in the day with a piece of graviera cheese (similar to Swiss) and a glass of chilled rosé wine.

On the Saturday morning before Easter, just as the clock is about to strike 11, the locals throw botides, red clay pots—small or huge—full of water down onto the stone paved street below their windows. When the smashing is done, you may grab a piece of broken pot to take home. It will bring you good luck for the rest of the year.


Apokries (carnival) is handed down from Dionysos, the god of wine. Before the discipline of Lent begins, there are 3 weeks of feasting, dancing, colourful costumes, a big music parade and wonderful parties.
Marching Bands
The island is home to at least 19 active marching bands, each one with as many as 200 musicians. There is a healthy rivalry among the groups who give regular weekend concerts and are a colourful addition to Holy Week.

Things to do in Corfu

Mild climates, frequent rainfall and fertile lands allow the Corfiots to produce a wide variety of agricultural products including olives, cereals and golden honey. Corfu is also the only place in Europe where the cumquat, a very small orange, is produced. One of the most famous local dishes is Pastitsado, which is of Venetian origin and consists of beef and gravy cooked with tomatoes and pasta. For desert the island boasts a wide selection of locally made creamy ice creams and, not to be missed, are Tiganites which are fried donuts full of sugar and syrup.


This marvelous Chinese fruit has been cultivated here since 1924 and has become the island’s trademark. Its sweet skin and sour juicy centre create a contrast that bursts with pleasure in your mouth. Kumquat spoon sweets, jams and liqueurs fill every gift shop. There is even a kumquat perfume.

Archaeological sites and monuments in Corfu

Palaio Frourio

An old Venetian fortress that presents fascinating Sound and Light productions plus many other concerts and cultural events

Palace of St Michael & George

The Regency-style former palace and royal gardens of the King of Greece and birthplace of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Brave Achilles!

Built for the Empress of Austria, the Achilleion Palace (now a museum) has elaborate grounds and is packed with beautiful statues and paintings of the Greek demigod and hero of the Trojan War. Don’t miss the fantastic Imperial Gardens overlooking the Ionian Sea!

Entertainment in Corfu

Corfu is an island filled with culture and traditions. Throughout the summer months there are numerous festivals where visitors can see the traditional music, dancing and costumes worn throughout the ages. Other interesting places to visit are wickerwork, silverwork and jewelry making workshops that can be found in various villages throughout the island. Additionally, Corfu is famous for its lively night life and offers a wide range of bars and cafes suitable for all tastes and preferences. Beach resorts such as Gouvia, Glyfada, as well as the capital, Corfu, are transformed into a bustle of activity every evening leading to entertainment throughout the night.

Beaches in Corfu

Corfu beaches can be described as idyllic. Their crystal clear waters, green surroundings and clean beaches create the perfect place to relax and unwind. Some of the more organized Corfu beaches include Agios Gordis, Agios Stefanos and Kalami Beach. Here one can find all the wanted amenities and organized water sports to keep the family entertained. Nevertheless, for the more adventurous ones, there are numerous little deserted caves and bays throughout the island that are waiting to be explored.

The map of Corfu

Our hotels in Corfu

Primasol Louis Ionian Sun

Primasol Louis Ionian Sun

  • An excellent value for money hotel
  • Superb greenery & impressive views
  • Renovated & refurbished, 2011
  • Impressive children’s park & new kids pool with water slides, Summer 13
  • A family friendly hotel
  • Branded by Primasol Hotels

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lti Louis Grand Hotel

lti Louis Grand Hotel

  • Location, location, location / on the famous Glyfada sandy Beach with unspoilt landscapes
  • Fully renovated & upgraded,S2011
  • New treatment room, indoor animation area and gym room, Summer 12
  • Asian restaurant free for All Inclusive guests
  • Branded by lti hotels & resorts

Discover lti Louis Grand Hotel >
Louis Corcyra Beach

Louis Corcyra Beach

  • Amazing views and location
  • Greenery, space and cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • High quality accommodation for families / specially designed family rooms
  • Variety of facilities, pool, restaurants and bars
  • Latest renovation of rooms in main building, 2011

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Louis Kerkyra Golf (Louis Family Resort)

Louis Kerkyra Golf (Louis Family Resort)

  • A paradise for families with extensive kids clubs
  • Comfortable, airy & classy
  • Renovated and upgraded, 2011
  • 95 acres of green land
  • Specially designed family rooms with sliding doors

Discover Louis Kerkyra Golf (Louis Family Resort) >