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Easter in Cyprus
Easter in Cyprus

Louis Phaethon Beach, Louis Ledra Beach, The Royal Apollonia
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Saturday, 23 August 2014 12:59

Festivities in Mykonos Island

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Mykonos Windmills

Photo by Robert Pittman


The popular island of Mykonos is known to most as the ultimate summer destination due to its golden coastline, vibrant nightlife and stunning scenery. When the summer days are over, and winter season kicks in, the island’s craziness goes to sleep and locals go about their simple lives. Tradition and culture is deeply rooted in Mykonos and its residents, which is evident through the two most celebrated holidays of the year, Christmas and Easter! If you are looking to experience an alternative Mykonos, Christmas and Easter are remarkable and should not be missed!


Easter Celebrations in a Nutshell


Throughout Greece, Easter is viewed as the most significant holiday in accordance to the Greek Orthodox Church, and Mykonos participates in these celebrations as the locals are strong believers. At Easter multiple old-fashioned customs and traditions are carried out, which have been passed down from generation to generation. The Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday are filled with sorrow, in respect to the crucifixion but the celebrations which follow the resurrection are lively and vibrant!

During the Holy Week, housewives are busy in their kitchens making Tsourekia (Easter Bread) and dying eggs red-a symbol of Jesus blood, and many more traditional pastries and cookies. On Saturday night, the entire island flocks to the nearest church, holding candles which they light with the holy fire and stand anticipating the moment the priest will call out ‘Xristos Anesti’ meaning Jesus has risen! Then all the people return home and have a traditional soup called magiritsa! The next day, the festivities begin! The grills are fired up and the traditional lamb and kokoretsi is slowly baked! The tables are set and prepared for a feast fit for kings! Loud music, laughter and dancing fill the island! Visiting Mykonos during Easter is a great opportunity to engage in the traditions of the locals and experience something different but special.


Christmas in a Nutshell!


Mykonians are known for their hospitality, friendly nature and for upholding old traditions and religious celebrations. During Christmas time, locals engage in such traditions and customs and invite their neighbours and visitors to share these special moments with them! As customary, Christmas trees decorate homes, people buy presents and once again the housewives return to their kitchens and prepare local delicacies! Melomakarona (honey cookies) and kourabiedes (sugar coated cookies) decorate the Christmas table! Visitors participate in the festivities if they like or simply watch from afar happy children singing carols, locals playing games, folklore music and dancing in the streets to name a few! During Christmas night, there is a lovely church service all the locals attend and at the end you can toast to Christmas while watching a colourful firework display!


Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel


Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel


An unforgettable holiday is always accompanied by an exquisite hotel. Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel, a five-star boutique facility, offers its guests the perfect blend of tranquillity and style. The hotel is characterised as being a fusion of the old world and modern design. The amicable and trained staff guarantees you utmost services in a stylish 1960s glamorous atmosphere. The facilities provided by Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel are endless from numerous dining options to spa and sports facilities. The grounds are fabulously decorated and the views from the hotel are to die for! The whole experience will surely remain as a sweet memory for years to come and is the perfect location to spend Christmas and Easter holidays! Enjoy your holiday!

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