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Monday, 12 November 2012 10:19

November Events 2012

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 Events in November all around Cyprus



Events in Nicosia

Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco)

"Domenikos Theotokopoulos, from Candia to Toledo - the footsteps of a European journey" at the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia temporary exhibitions hall.

 El Greco, born Doménikos Theotokópoulos, (1541 – 7 April 1614) was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. "El Greco" (The Greek) was a nickname, a reference to his national Greek origin, and the artist normally signed his paintings with his full birth name in Greek letters, Δομήνικος Θεοτοκόπουλος (Doménikos Theotokópoulos), often adding the word Κρής (Krēs, "Cretan").

Start:       Oct 6, 2012

End:        Nov 30, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    The Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia



Music Performance presenting the work of Cypriot composer Olivios Karaolides including instrumental music, musical theater pieces and greek and English contemporary songs. Featuring: Andreanne Athanasiou, Constantine Andronikou, Irene Antoniou and Stelios Mappouras. Directed by Melina Theocharidou.

Start:       Nov 8, 2012

End:        Nov 8, 2012

Time:       20:30

Price / Range:        15 Euro and 10 Euro

Category:               Cultural - Theatre Performance

Venue:    Vladimiros Kafkarides Cultural Centre


Female Metal Attack Cyprus Festival

Metal Attack Cyprus presents for the first time in Cyprus the "Female Metal Attack Cyprus Festival". A mini festival which aims to grow bigger each year. This is the first time than a female metal festival is organized in Cyprus at Franky's Live.

 Tickets available at Rocka Rolla, Motorbar and Tepee.

 For further information please call: +357 99 215 490 or +357 96 302 945

Start:       Nov 3, 2012

End:        Nov 3, 2012

Time:       19:30

Price / Range:        €20 / €15 (presale)

Category:               Cultural - Concert


The protagonists - Cyprus, 17c

Nikos Kouroussis will present his video installation "Untitled" which is part of hist latest project entitled "The protagonists." In addition to the video Nikos Kouroussis will present a new series of etchings on love.

Lia Lapithi will present her video installation "Κύπρος-Cyprus-Kibris 17c". The artist, holding a lemon cut in half, is trying to erase from a newspaper the photo of a Cypriot stamp depicting the "Ship of Kyrenia", the oldest shipwreck discovered in the Mediterranean - and found in good condition in 1963. With this symbolic act Lia Lapithi is trying to erase from her mind the beautiful memories of her childhood in her beloved town of Kyrenia. Using Lemon as her subject, a fruit that refers to Kyrenia and the surrounding villages, Lia Lapithi presents a series of wall-mounted works.

Start:       Oct 10, 2012

End:        Nov 16, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos


Yes, there will be vodka!

Can adults loosen up enough to let themselves play? Are invitations to parties a guarantee for a good time? Is there a magic formula for a successful party?

 The dreaded invitation from a specific someone... We already know that we will have to sit among people that we have nothing in common with, we will have to talk about things we have no interest about,nervously sipping a virgin drink! Is alcohol a sine qua non? What about music?

 Can the surroundings play a role in shaping a person's mood? Do they have the ability to makepeople behave outside the limits that they have set for themselves?

 Continuing research on human relationships, friendships andrelativeswhilstlooking for ways to approach human mood, Eva Korae invites you to her second solo exhibition of installations and three-dimensional objects entitled"... yes, there will be vodka!", in the hope that this will be an invitation to a successful party!

Start:       Nov 21, 2012

End:        Nov 21, 2012

Time:       19:00

Category:               Cultural - Cultural Festival

Venue:    Artos Cultural and Research Foundation



Events in Limassol

Mare Liberum

Under the auspices of the Cypriot Presidency of the EU and on the occasion of the signing of the Limassol declaration by the European Member States, the Evagoras and Kathleen Lanitis Foundation is organising an exhibition centred on Navigation in the Mediterranean Sea during the 16th to the 19th centuries. The exhibition will be held at the Evagoras Lanitis Centre from 9th of October to the 15th of November 2012.

 The exhibition focuses on Portolan charts and their history and origins, illustrates the cities and the ports that flourished, examines the different types of ships that navigated, whereas special attention is given to famous sea battles and to piracy, both Christian and Muslim; The last chapter of the exhibition is dedicated to the Capitulation that the Ottoman Empire offered to the European states, and to the origins and development of maritime law in the Mediterranean Sea.

 A sophisticated multimedia production, combined with an exhibition of original portolan maps from the Correr Museum of Venice, of European sea charts of the 19th century from the Collection of the Cultural Foundation of the Bank of Cyprus and ship models of Aristotles Onassis collection that will travel all the way from the Hellenic Maritime Museum, in Piraeus will guide the visitor into the magical world of our Common Sea and our common European Heritage.

Start:       Oct 8, 2012

End:        Nov 15, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    Evagoras Lanitis Centre


Musical Sundays in Limassol

A number of event organised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in co-operation with the Agios Tychonas Community Board at “Onesilos” Seaside Theatre.

- Sunday, November 4: Vocal music with the “Scent of a Woman” music ensemble

 - Sunday, November 11: Dances from all over the world with the “Rithmos” Dance Association

 - Sunday, November 18: Pop music with “The Eternity” pop band

 - Sunday, November 25: Re-enactment of traditional Cypriot wedding with the “Zedros” Dance Association

 For further information please contact: 22 691 221, 25 323 211, 25 362 756.

Start: Nov 4, 2012

End: Nov 25, 2012

Time: 11:00

Category: Cultural


Nautilus 2012 - 3rd International Sea Festival

The Sea Festival is a unique initiative which includes events inspired by the sea world. From fine arts, to photography, music and cinema, the activities which will last for four months will take place at the Lanitis Centre and in public places of Limassol, will promote Cyprus's important location as a bridge between history and contemporary naval reality.

Start:       Jul 1, 2012

End:        Nov 16, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Cultural Festival

Venue:    Evagoras Lanitis Centre


Sotiris Sorogas - Rust and Stones

Gallery Morfi in Limassol presents the exhibition of paintings by Sotiris Sorogas "Rust and Stones" which was recently presented at the Benaki Museum in Athens.

 In reviewing the works of Sotiris Sorogas' career in art of more than 40 years, one notices at once certain persistent themes in his subject-matter. There is a group of specific motifs which he negotiates as a painter in a different way on each occasion, but to which he returns after certain intervals, with variations upon them, sometimes developing and combining them with others, in such a way as to create series of works - such as stones, statues, misshapen pieces of wood, rusted objects, old engines, horses with nooses at their throats, marble from old quarries, 'photographs' faded and 'burnt' at the edges, portraits, the 'holes' of wells, and clearings, all shipwrecks of a life spent and impaired by erosion.

Start:       Oct 16, 2012

End:        Nov 6, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    Gallery Morfi



Witnesses by 4:4

4:4 consists of the four artists; Ioanna Kythreotou, Thekla Papadopoulou, Elena Tsigaridou and John Warren. They have expanded and developed their previous themes, further exploring their common journeys into representational and abstract worlds. The title “Witnesses” bears testimony to their unique perception and response to the phenomenal world and to their interpretation of emotional and other inner states.

 Thekla Papadopoulou and John Warren have used motifs in the seascape and landscape as starting points for highly personal dialogues with the physical creation. Papadopoulou’s experimental and richly textured canvases invoke the dynamics, mystery and the unfettered motion of the untamed sea. Her dexterous use of different media including sand, vitro paint, varnish and found materials add further layers of ambivalence and enigma to her compositions.

 John Warren has used the landscape as a source of inspiration for a sequence of abstract paintings where forms have been processed through memory and association. The resulting images are lighter in mood than previous works and reflect colours, sensations and atmosphere experienced in spring and summer. A sense of flux and metamorphosis permeates his work.

Start:       Nov 7, 2012

End:        Nov 17, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    Peter's Gallery



Events in Larnaca

Musical Sundays in Larnaka

An event organised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in co-operation with the Larnaka Municipality. The events will take place at Larnaka Seafront Stage, Phinikoudes.

 - Sunday, November 4: “Jazz Moods”, with the “Sixth Sense” music ensemble

 - Sunday, November 11: Traditional Cypriot and Greek dances with the Agia Napa Municipality dance group

 - Sunday, November 18: Music from all over the world with the “Trio Tico” music ensemble

 - Sunday, November 25: “The Classics”, well known Greek songs with the “Demetris Fanis” music ensemble

 For further information please contact: +357 22 691 221, +357 24 654 322.

Start:       Nov 4, 2012

End:        Nov 25, 2012

Time:       11:00

Category:               Cultural - Concert



Events in Pafos

Cyprus International 4-day Challenge 2012

The Cyprus International 4-day Challenge, is a staged running event which combines in a distance a bit longer than a marathon, mountain running, trail running, cross country running, a trail half marathon and a City Run over four days, making it an ultimate adventure running event. The event takes place in the area of Paphos, and for the most part of it, participants have the opportunity to compete in the AKAMAS Nature Reserve Park, in some of Cyprus most scenic routes, where every turn comes with a different stunning view, unfolding the beauty of the AKAMAS Nature Reserve Park in a panoramic sea-sky-earth motif.

  - 22/11: Coral Beach 6k time Trial/ tarmac at 15:00

- 23/11: Akamas 11k Trail Hill run/ Off Road at 09:30

- 24/11: Akamas Multiterrain Half ½ Marathon/ Off Road at 09:30

- 25/11: 10k Paphos City run/ Tarmac at 08:00


Start:       Nov 22, 2012

End:        Nov 25, 2012

Time:       Registration desk for collection of race numbers/ bags at the Coral Beach Hotel & Resort will be operating on 21 November 08:00-18:00hrs and 22 November 08:00-11:00hrs

Price / Range:        Race Entry for Cyprus 4 Day Challenge from Euro 110.00 – Euro 175.00 Race Entry for 10k City Run from Euro 30.00 – Euro 48.00

Category:               Sports



 Dutch Wonder

The exhibition will open on the 20th of October and will run until the 10th of November. Participating artists are Jan de Beus, Joke Leicht and Paul Nassenstein.

 The exhibition showcases paintings, photography and ceramics of contemporary Dutch artists who live and work in the Netherlands. This is a unique occasion to experience the essence of current Dutch art in Cyprus.

Start:       Oct 20, 2012

End:        Nov 10, 2012

Category:               Cultural - Art Exhibition

Venue:    Chiaki Kamikawa Contemporary Art


 Musical Sundays in Pafos

An idea organised by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in co-operation with Pafos Municipality, and take place at Archaeological Park Entrance, Limanaki.

 - Sunday, November 4: Re-enactment of traditional Cypriot wedding wit the “Limassol Association of Folkloric Researchers”

 - Sunday, November 11: Vocal music with the “Scent of a Woman” music ensemble

 - Sunday, November 18: Re-enactment of traditional Cypriot wedding with the “Aphrodite Geroskipou” Folklore Association

 - Sunday, November 25: “Let’s Rock” with the “Cold Shot” rock band

 For further information please contact: 22 691 221, 26 932 841, 26 930 521.

Start:       Nov 4, 2012

End:        Nov 25, 2012

Time:       11:00

Category:               Cultural


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