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Sunday, 16 March 2014 18:17

5 places you should not miss to visit when in Rhodes, Greece

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Are you looking for a perfect place to have your annual vacation? Or do you want to take a break from the daily hassles of your life? Rhodes, Greece is the ideal destination for all your vacation purposes. Located in Greece,  Rhodes is a fairly large island that boasts of having very amazing scenery. There are not many islands in Europe or even allover the world that match up to the uniqueness of this island’s scenic beauty.  Rhodes has a great deal of very beautiful places that you should visit when on the island. These places include:


Lindos Rhodes Greece

Image by Richard IJzermans


Ancient city of Ialyssos and Filerimos


Ialyssos Rhodes

Image by Wikipedia


Ialyssos is an ancient city in the island and prides itself in having remains of occupation that date back to 3rd millennium BC. In addition to this, the city also has cemeteries and settlements that date back to the Minoan-Mycenaean period. The Filerimos hill in the city is the main location where most of the history is preserved. The hill’s original name was Achaia - which serves as evidence of the existence of Greeks in the area in the Mycenaean period. In 1912-1945 (Italian Rule) there were several shrines built in the hill. These shrines are still intact to this day.


Seven Springs


Seven Springs Rhodes

Image by Wikipedia


The seven springs are located at a 30 km distance from Rhodes city. For more adventure, you can wake up maize plantations in the area with the aim of finding the source of the seven springs. Just across the entry road to the springs, there is a one of a kind green lake that has turquoise water nestles.


Rhodes Hydro - biological Station (Marine Aquarium)


Rhodes Marine Aquarium 

Image by Wikipedia


Rhodes hydro-biological station is located towards the north of the island. The station was constructed from 1934-1936 and its operation was commenced in 1937. In 1945, the station was commissioned to be the Greek Hydro-biological Institute’s peripheral station under Athens Academy’s supervision.


The monastery of Tsambika


Tsambika Rhodes

Image by Segle


The monastery of Tsambika is a tiny and Byzantine church with dedication to Our Lady. The best thing about the monastery is that it is located on a hill top thus providing you with breathtaking views. From the hill, you can see the magnificent scenic beauty of Kolymbia and Tsambika beach. The monastery is believed to have healing powers especially for barren women.


Ancient Kamiros


Ancient Kamiros in Rhodes Greece

Image by Anita


Kamiros is the third largest city in Rhodes. The city is located in close proximity to Agios Minas, north-western of the shores of Rhodes. The city has a great history emanating from its agricultural practice of producing wine, figs and oil. In addition to this, Kamiros is also the first city in Rhodes to cut coins for use in the city.


Where to stay while in Rhodes


4 star hotel in Rhodes


When on a vacation to Rhodes, you need to ensure that you stay in a place that complements the uniqueness of your holiday. Louis Colossos Beach hotel is the best hotel to stay in while vacationing on the island. The hotel has very spacious and well designed rooms that are set to bestow you with the best accommodation facility. In addition to this, the hotel serves delicacies and dishes from all-over the world. While staying in the hotel, you can engage in different types of activities including water sports, nature walks in the hotel’s gardens and sun bath on the beaches around the hotel.

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