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Monday, 12 May 2014 10:55

Amazing fortresses in Corfu, Greece

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Photo by Jon Kleinman


Corfu or Kerkyra, as it is called in Greek, refers to both the island and to its main town. The island is rich in Byzantine churches, Venetian fortresses and sandy beaches which are just some of the reasons it remains one of the most famed Ionian islands. The renowned holiday destination has influences of Greek, French, Italian and British history that is evident while strolling through its maze of narrow and winding streets where you will encounter buildings and monuments that have come out of a history channel.


Old Fortress


Corfu Greece old fortress

Photo by John Kannenberg


The Old Fortress is the most famed castle on the island, which has been built on a rocky peninsula and incredibly enough it has two peaks! The Old Fortress is said to have been constructed during the Byzantine period and is 600 meters long and 200 meters wide. The Byzantines repaired the eastern peak of the fortress and named it Sea-Tower. That was the time when the city of Corfu was founded, and locals believe that the island took its name because of the peaks of the Old Fortress. That is, ‘korifi’ in Greek means peak, so the name Corfu is said to have originated because of the fortress’ peaks! The Venetians later built the main fortress in 1402 till 1797. The peninsula, in which the fortress was built on, was separated by a moat and two walls were constructed in the front of it. Below the fortress lay a labyrinth which served as a strategic connecting system. The inside of the fortress was where military, political and aristocratic people used to reside. Finally, after centuries of invasions, in 1864 the Old Fortress became Greek and still remains the pride of the locals. Today, the Old Fortress is used as a venue where concerts and other cultural events are hosted!


New Fortress!

Corfu Greece new fortress

Photo by Will Bakker


Near the old harbour you will encounter the New Fortress which was constructed by the Venetians in 1577 until 1588. The New Fortress is much smaller in comparison to the Old Fortress and consists of only two levels. The two levels served their purpose in those days. The higher level protected the city and the lower level protected the harbour. In order to shield the fortress, a moat was constructed from Avrami Hill till the fortress. In contrast to the Old Fortress, the New Fortress was not used for residential purposes with the exception of the commander’s and several aristocrat family dwellings. The magnificence of the New Fortress lies in his architecture. It is a spectacular building that overwhelms everyone.


Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel in Corfu


4 star hotel in Corfu Greece


The impressive Louis Corcyra Beach 4 star Hotel is located in the heart of the ancient Venetian shipyard, secluded and surrounded by the scenic and extensive gardens of the hotel. It is by far the best location on the island, just a few minutes away from the Gouva Village tourist resort. The four star all inclusive hotel strives to offer its guests the best accommodation and services available. The hotel offers an array of activities that will surely amaze and please you. You have the chance to play sports, lounge around the scenic pool area or simply swim in the wonderful azure waters of Gouva Bay. Enjoy!


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