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Food Stories (8)

cyprus breakfast


Breakfast is considered to be the king of meals. The King Jason hotel in Pafos, pioneers in embracing the «Cyprus breakfast» which fully coincides with its unique culinary philosophy. This philosophy stems from the Mediterranean gastronomy which is based on the seasonality and locality of fresh produce and a heightened sense of well-being.

A truly Hellenic Good Morning awaits the guests of Louis Hotels at the nine hotels it maintains in Crete, Corfu, Zakynthos (Zante), Rhodes and Mykonos since the rich breakfast buffet on offer has been further enriched with authentic Greek products for a genuine taste of Greece. The chain’s hotels in Greece joined the “Greek Breakfast” program of the Hellenic Chamber of Hoteliers, enhancing this way the warm hearted hospitality that established Louis Hotels as one the most popular hospitality providers in the East Med for more than seven decades.


#Cyprus / #Greek #Breakfast at Louis Hotels

Every country in the world is famed for their traditional gastronomic dishes or certain delicacies, and the island of Mykonos is no exception! During your holiday, experience life as a local Mykonian and endeavor the island’s mouthwatering traditional dishes. You will definitely be impressed by the delicious taste and flavors and beg for more.


Mykonos Traditional Cuisine


Thursday, 06 March 2014 16:21

Cyprus / Greek Breakfast at Louis Hotels

Written by

Starting your day with a great breakfast is our way of wishing you “Kalimera”.

At Louis Hotels we have incorporated local delicacies and enhanced our breakfast buffet with healthy and yummy local produce foods.

Come and enjoy favourites like grandma used to make! View our local breakfast here

Local Breakfast


Monday, 16 September 2013 09:30

Unusual Foods from Corfu Greece

Written by

Unusual Foods from Corfu Greece

The island of Corfu

It’s no secret that while traveling abroad you may encounter traditions that may seem strange to you. Often times you will encounter cultures that dress different, speak different and eat different than you do. The classic hurdle of many intrepid travelers is overcoming the fear of trying a new food that you may not have ever considered back home. Some relish the opportunity, others dread the moment when they will come face to face with a local ‘delicacy’ of questionable origins and ingredients.

The island of Corfu, Greece finds itself at the crossroads of several cultures with incredibly diverse traditions. The result is a melting pot of civilization that has produced some mouth watering and some slightly odd cuisine choices. NO matter which side of the fence you land on, there are exquisite options for both sides. Which will you choose?

Corfu has many restaurants to choose from as a result we've chosen a selection of the most popular amongst visitors to the island to aide you in your quest to discover the world’s best dishes. The hard part will be choosing just one.


This holiday tradition consists of braided sweet bread enriched with egg. There is also a cookie variation commonly flavored with orange.

Where To Find It: Avli has the immediate effect of casting all who enter far back in time to a distant era. When people gathered from throughout the village to dine together, share stories and have a good time. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, encouraging an extended and comfortable visit. Try some wine, have a conversation and maybe make some new friends.

Note: Tsoureki is seasonal and may not be available year round.

Bourou Bourou

This dish actually originates from the island. It is a vegetable and pasta based soup with plenty of room for adjustment. You can use any vegetables you have on hand and the spice is easily adjustable to taste.

Where To Find It: Corcyra Beach Hotel has one of the ideal restaurants for local dishes in the ideal location for an authentic Mediterranean atmosphere. Enjoy the fine dining experience while surrounded by lush green sub-tropical scented gardens. Gaze out over the bay and seemingly endless shimmering turquoise waters. One meal here promises to be an experience you will never forget. While you’re there try a selection from some of the island’s best local wines, you won’t find them anywhere else in the world.


This traditional dish is both simple and delicious. The squid is dredged in flour, then fried. Often considered an appetizer Kalamarakia is served with lemon in smaller portions.

Where To Find It: Pane e Souvlaki is one of the most popular restaurants in Corfu. It is located in Town Hall Square surrounded by the varied cultural influences that make its menu so enticing. Courtesy is a mainstay here. The service to be experienced is second to none. The landscape is without equal in beauty or majesty. You will enjoy more than one meal here with no doubt should time allow it.


Sarah L                   Louis Imperial Beach           “the 1st hotel I have known to have a designated 'vegetarian corner'”



CliffandAlex              Louis Kerkyra Golf               “I am vegetarian and had no problem at all I didn't discover the pizza by the pool until the end of the holiday as I am not a snack person and the pizza is served as snacks.”



Strutter1                 Louis Kerkyra Golf              “I am a vegetarian that doesn't eat fish and I was concerned I may struggle with the food but there was such a selection I don't think I ate the same meal twice!”



willsfamily_12           Louis Kerkyra Golf               “lots of choice, healthy options and good vegetarian options”



Emma C                  Louis Kerkyra Golf               “The restaurants had a great variety of fresh foods available at all meal times – lots for children and also for vegetarians like me



RachelWorcester      Louis Corcyra Beach             “in particular there was always vegetarian options available”



Paul W                    Louis Corcyra Beach           “a very good selection including a vegetarian corner”



Julia8275                 Louis Corcyra Beach            “I'm vegetarian and was really surprised to see that there was a great range of options for me as I usually find I live on either pasta or salad!”


Susylena                  Louis Corcyra Beach            “I don't eat meat but still loads of choice.”



nd_uk                     Louis Corcyra Beach            “There is a good variety of food on offer and there is always meat, fish and vegetarian options, loads of salad and other veg.”



luligh                       Louis Zante Beach              excellent variety of food for all meals, my wife is a vegetarian, she even suggested a couple of dishes to the head chef George as vegetarian options (grilled vegetable kebab was one),which he arranged for the next day, and they were going as soon as they were made.



DNHD                      Louis Zante Beach              “Vegetarian food was clearly labeled and well catered for”



Dollyday99               Louis Zante beach              “so much choice and plenty of vegetarian food available,”



465happy                The King Jason                   "loads of variety and something for everyone – even vegetarians!!"



12Dee                     The King Jason                   “Being vegetarians we were a bit skeptical about the food but Maria and her staff were very accommodating. If there was nothing for us to eat the Chefs good us something we wanted.”



SHAZZER63              Louis Phaethon Beach         “food is excellent, fresh, and plentiful and loads of choice, vegetarians and allergies accounted for.”



lynnieloo8                 Louis Phaethon Beach         “Good vegetarian choices every day.”



john r                       Louis Phaethon Beach        “Four members of our family are vegetarians and there was a very wide vegetarian selection every day, much more choice than offered in English restaurants.”



Brightony                  Louis Phaethon Beach        “as a vegetarian I have always found it difficult with eating in most hotels I have been to, having to survive on salad – pizza and pasta - This hotel has really broken the mould as I have never been offered so much variety and really enjoyed eating instead of just surviving.”



Janetarm                   lti Louis Grand Hotel          “Being a vegetarian I was delighted to see that this time they had a separate area for meat-free items, but there was still a great selection for everyone.”



Heidi N                      PrimaSol Louis Ionian Sun    “as a veggie I'm a bit picky but I was never disappointed.”

Friday, 05 April 2013 16:59

Learn about Cretan Cuisine and Wine

Written by

Cretan food is known to be extremely healthy and to top it off it’s actually delicious. It’s pretty hard to come across that that is both good for you and good tasting, but it looks like the Greek have the perfect combination. On top of their delicious food is also an assortment of amazing wines that are loved all throughout the world. One thing that makes the food and wine of Crete as great as it is the fact that it’s made with high quality ingredients. The wild herbs and the fresh olive oil that is located on the island make for some of the best dining that you’ll ever come across.


Cretan Cuisine

Freshness is the key point of the many foods and wines of Crete. All throughout the land you’ll find many sources of fresh vegetables and herbs that are used in their everyday meals. A simple walk through the countryside will give you many aromas of fresh herbs that are used in their cooking. You’ll also come across many markets who offer fresh vegetables that have a flavor unmatchable by commercial farmers. It is very hard to match the freshness and quality that you’ll get from the locally grown produce and herbs in Crete, and that’s one of the reasons why their food is so delicious.


Raki and Mezes!

Olive oil is a very common ingredient in many different Cretan dishes; it’s almost hard to find a dish that doesn’t have olive oil in it! Because Crete is bountiful in olive trees all over the land, it’s no surprise that the substance is used so often. There are many things that are done with olive oil in cooking, but you haven’t truly tried olive oil until you’ve tasted it from Crete! Did I mention that the healthiest and debatably the best olive oil in the world comes from Crete?

Crete Colours - More Ingredients for the Ratatouille

The people of Crete have a natural gift for making some of the world’s most delicious wine. The region has an extensive background in wine making and some of the history goes as far back as the 1600s when Minoans first fermented the tasty beverage. In the 2nd century AD, the Roman Empire held a high importance on the wines of Crete and many different people held them in high regards.

greek house wine

Chardonnay Boutari is a dry, white wine that is absolutely great alongside seafood and cheese, which Crete is very popular for serving in typical dinners. This would be a great choice for someone who would like to have a traditional Crete dinner and experience the best of both worlds.

Cretan meatballs

It’s very easy to see why Crete cuisine is so highly regarded among many people; the ingredients are fresh, delicious and the cooking has a mixture of many cultures and styles. If you’re looking to have a taste of some of the world’s most delicious foods and wines, I would highly suggest that you take a trip to Crete and experience it. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

The olive tree is considered to be an icon of the island of Corfu , and the many different dishes that are native to the island reflect that. The island is known for its superb quality olive oil that has a flavor unmatchable in any other area of the world. The land is rich with olive groves and also fruits of all different types. The wines of Corfu are well-made and pack a flavor that is sought after in many other regions of the world. Corfu also has a host of other unique fruits and spices and their cuisine is one of a kind. If you’re looking to experience flavors that you never knew you were missing, you absolutely have to try dining on the beautiful island of Corfu.

Corfu, Greece 2007

Many of the unique and exciting dishes that come from Corfu consist of the wide variety of seafood that’s available on the island. Since Corfu is situated within the Ionian Sea, much of their dining experience is made up from the sea life. Fresh fish can be had all year round on the island and some of the locals are known to eat the fish right off of their hook! If sushi isn’t your thing, there’s no need to fret, Corfu has a huge amount of grilled, fried and baked food dishes that are certain to meet and exceed your flavor expectations. Many of their seafood dishes are seasoned with their award winning olive oil, zest lemon juice and various different types of vinaigrette sauces.


Corfu is also known for its wide variety of delicious wines. Retsina and Ouzo are very popular wine types that have captured the heart of locals for many years. There are a ton of high quality wineries that have formulated some of the world’s most beloved wines. You’ll find red, white and rose wines from the local wineries, and each will have their own unique take. There are also many different vineyards in the area that put out all natural ingredients. Corfu is the place to be when it comes to fine wine and delicious foods.

Grapes Paleokastritsa Monastery

You won’t have any trouble finding a good place to sit down and eat within Corfu. Many of the locals love to offer their delicious dishes along the beaches. If you’re planning on heading to some of the various festivals or events that are located on the Island, you may want to look for a Corfu hotel as the spirits are sure to be plentiful. No matter what your tastes are, it’s certain that Corfu has something to cater to you. With the rich history surrounded around Corfu, the locals have perfected many different traditional dishes that are sure to please. If you’re interested in visiting a beautiful island that has much more to offer than just magnificent food, Corfu is going to be your ideal retreat.