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Easter in Cyprus
Easter in Cyprus

Louis Phaethon Beach, Louis Ledra Beach, The Royal Apollonia
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The Royal Apollonia, Limassol
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 16:38

Corfu Traditional Cuisine - Local Tastes and Delicacies

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The olive tree is considered to be an icon of the island of Corfu , and the many different dishes that are native to the island reflect that. The island is known for its superb quality olive oil that has a flavor unmatchable in any other area of the world. The land is rich with olive groves and also fruits of all different types. The wines of Corfu are well-made and pack a flavor that is sought after in many other regions of the world. Corfu also has a host of other unique fruits and spices and their cuisine is one of a kind. If you’re looking to experience flavors that you never knew you were missing, you absolutely have to try dining on the beautiful island of Corfu.

Corfu, Greece 2007

Many of the unique and exciting dishes that come from Corfu consist of the wide variety of seafood that’s available on the island. Since Corfu is situated within the Ionian Sea, much of their dining experience is made up from the sea life. Fresh fish can be had all year round on the island and some of the locals are known to eat the fish right off of their hook! If sushi isn’t your thing, there’s no need to fret, Corfu has a huge amount of grilled, fried and baked food dishes that are certain to meet and exceed your flavor expectations. Many of their seafood dishes are seasoned with their award winning olive oil, zest lemon juice and various different types of vinaigrette sauces.


Corfu is also known for its wide variety of delicious wines. Retsina and Ouzo are very popular wine types that have captured the heart of locals for many years. There are a ton of high quality wineries that have formulated some of the world’s most beloved wines. You’ll find red, white and rose wines from the local wineries, and each will have their own unique take. There are also many different vineyards in the area that put out all natural ingredients. Corfu is the place to be when it comes to fine wine and delicious foods.

Grapes Paleokastritsa Monastery

You won’t have any trouble finding a good place to sit down and eat within Corfu. Many of the locals love to offer their delicious dishes along the beaches. If you’re planning on heading to some of the various festivals or events that are located on the Island, you may want to look for a Corfu hotel as the spirits are sure to be plentiful. No matter what your tastes are, it’s certain that Corfu has something to cater to you. With the rich history surrounded around Corfu, the locals have perfected many different traditional dishes that are sure to please. If you’re interested in visiting a beautiful island that has much more to offer than just magnificent food, Corfu is going to be your ideal retreat.

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