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Friday, 05 April 2013 16:59

Learn about Cretan Cuisine and Wine Featured

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Cretan food is known to be extremely healthy and to top it off it’s actually delicious. It’s pretty hard to come across that that is both good for you and good tasting, but it looks like the Greek have the perfect combination. On top of their delicious food is also an assortment of amazing wines that are loved all throughout the world. One thing that makes the food and wine of Crete as great as it is the fact that it’s made with high quality ingredients. The wild herbs and the fresh olive oil that is located on the island make for some of the best dining that you’ll ever come across.


Cretan Cuisine

Freshness is the key point of the many foods and wines of Crete. All throughout the land you’ll find many sources of fresh vegetables and herbs that are used in their everyday meals. A simple walk through the countryside will give you many aromas of fresh herbs that are used in their cooking. You’ll also come across many markets who offer fresh vegetables that have a flavor unmatchable by commercial farmers. It is very hard to match the freshness and quality that you’ll get from the locally grown produce and herbs in Crete, and that’s one of the reasons why their food is so delicious.


Raki and Mezes!

Olive oil is a very common ingredient in many different Cretan dishes; it’s almost hard to find a dish that doesn’t have olive oil in it! Because Crete is bountiful in olive trees all over the land, it’s no surprise that the substance is used so often. There are many things that are done with olive oil in cooking, but you haven’t truly tried olive oil until you’ve tasted it from Crete! Did I mention that the healthiest and debatably the best olive oil in the world comes from Crete?

Crete Colours - More Ingredients for the Ratatouille

The people of Crete have a natural gift for making some of the world’s most delicious wine. The region has an extensive background in wine making and some of the history goes as far back as the 1600s when Minoans first fermented the tasty beverage. In the 2nd century AD, the Roman Empire held a high importance on the wines of Crete and many different people held them in high regards.

greek house wine

Chardonnay Boutari is a dry, white wine that is absolutely great alongside seafood and cheese, which Crete is very popular for serving in typical dinners. This would be a great choice for someone who would like to have a traditional Crete dinner and experience the best of both worlds.

Cretan meatballs

It’s very easy to see why Crete cuisine is so highly regarded among many people; the ingredients are fresh, delicious and the cooking has a mixture of many cultures and styles. If you’re looking to have a taste of some of the world’s most delicious foods and wines, I would highly suggest that you take a trip to Crete and experience it. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

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