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SENTIDO Louis Plagos Beach

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Thursday, 27 June 2013 09:11

Guests comments about vegetarian choice in Louis Hotels

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Sarah L                   Louis Imperial Beach           “the 1st hotel I have known to have a designated 'vegetarian corner'”



CliffandAlex              Louis Kerkyra Golf               “I am vegetarian and had no problem at all I didn't discover the pizza by the pool until the end of the holiday as I am not a snack person and the pizza is served as snacks.”



Strutter1                 Louis Kerkyra Golf              “I am a vegetarian that doesn't eat fish and I was concerned I may struggle with the food but there was such a selection I don't think I ate the same meal twice!”



willsfamily_12           Louis Kerkyra Golf               “lots of choice, healthy options and good vegetarian options”



Emma C                  Louis Kerkyra Golf               “The restaurants had a great variety of fresh foods available at all meal times – lots for children and also for vegetarians like me



RachelWorcester      Louis Corcyra Beach             “in particular there was always vegetarian options available”



Paul W                    Louis Corcyra Beach           “a very good selection including a vegetarian corner”



Julia8275                 Louis Corcyra Beach            “I'm vegetarian and was really surprised to see that there was a great range of options for me as I usually find I live on either pasta or salad!”


Susylena                  Louis Corcyra Beach            “I don't eat meat but still loads of choice.”



nd_uk                     Louis Corcyra Beach            “There is a good variety of food on offer and there is always meat, fish and vegetarian options, loads of salad and other veg.”



luligh                       Louis Zante Beach              excellent variety of food for all meals, my wife is a vegetarian, she even suggested a couple of dishes to the head chef George as vegetarian options (grilled vegetable kebab was one),which he arranged for the next day, and they were going as soon as they were made.



DNHD                      Louis Zante Beach              “Vegetarian food was clearly labeled and well catered for”



Dollyday99               Louis Zante beach              “so much choice and plenty of vegetarian food available,”



465happy                The King Jason                   "loads of variety and something for everyone – even vegetarians!!"



12Dee                     The King Jason                   “Being vegetarians we were a bit skeptical about the food but Maria and her staff were very accommodating. If there was nothing for us to eat the Chefs good us something we wanted.”



SHAZZER63              Louis Phaethon Beach         “food is excellent, fresh, and plentiful and loads of choice, vegetarians and allergies accounted for.”



lynnieloo8                 Louis Phaethon Beach         “Good vegetarian choices every day.”



john r                       Louis Phaethon Beach        “Four members of our family are vegetarians and there was a very wide vegetarian selection every day, much more choice than offered in English restaurants.”



Brightony                  Louis Phaethon Beach        “as a vegetarian I have always found it difficult with eating in most hotels I have been to, having to survive on salad – pizza and pasta - This hotel has really broken the mould as I have never been offered so much variety and really enjoyed eating instead of just surviving.”



Janetarm                   lti Louis Grand Hotel          “Being a vegetarian I was delighted to see that this time they had a separate area for meat-free items, but there was still a great selection for everyone.”



Heidi N                      PrimaSol Louis Ionian Sun    “as a veggie I'm a bit picky but I was never disappointed.”

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