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Offer for families

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SENTIDO Louis Plagos Beach
SENTIDO Louis Plagos Beach

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Late Summer Offers

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Sarah L                   Louis Imperial Beach           “the 1st hotel I have known to have a designated 'vegetarian corner'”



CliffandAlex              Louis Kerkyra Golf               “I am vegetarian and had no problem at all I didn't discover the pizza by the pool until the end of the holiday as I am not a snack person and the pizza is served as snacks.”



Strutter1                 Louis Kerkyra Golf              “I am a vegetarian that doesn't eat fish and I was concerned I may struggle with the food but there was such a selection I don't think I ate the same meal twice!”



willsfamily_12           Louis Kerkyra Golf               “lots of choice, healthy options and good vegetarian options”



Emma C                  Louis Kerkyra Golf               “The restaurants had a great variety of fresh foods available at all meal times – lots for children and also for vegetarians like me



RachelWorcester      Louis Corcyra Beach             “in particular there was always vegetarian options available”



Paul W                    Louis Corcyra Beach           “a very good selection including a vegetarian corner”



Julia8275                 Louis Corcyra Beach            “I'm vegetarian and was really surprised to see that there was a great range of options for me as I usually find I live on either pasta or salad!”


Susylena                  Louis Corcyra Beach            “I don't eat meat but still loads of choice.”



nd_uk                     Louis Corcyra Beach            “There is a good variety of food on offer and there is always meat, fish and vegetarian options, loads of salad and other veg.”



luligh                       Louis Zante Beach              excellent variety of food for all meals, my wife is a vegetarian, she even suggested a couple of dishes to the head chef George as vegetarian options (grilled vegetable kebab was one),which he arranged for the next day, and they were going as soon as they were made.



DNHD                      Louis Zante Beach              “Vegetarian food was clearly labeled and well catered for”



Dollyday99               Louis Zante beach              “so much choice and plenty of vegetarian food available,”



465happy                The King Jason                   "loads of variety and something for everyone – even vegetarians!!"



12Dee                     The King Jason                   “Being vegetarians we were a bit skeptical about the food but Maria and her staff were very accommodating. If there was nothing for us to eat the Chefs good us something we wanted.”



SHAZZER63              Louis Phaethon Beach         “food is excellent, fresh, and plentiful and loads of choice, vegetarians and allergies accounted for.”



lynnieloo8                 Louis Phaethon Beach         “Good vegetarian choices every day.”



john r                       Louis Phaethon Beach        “Four members of our family are vegetarians and there was a very wide vegetarian selection every day, much more choice than offered in English restaurants.”



Brightony                  Louis Phaethon Beach        “as a vegetarian I have always found it difficult with eating in most hotels I have been to, having to survive on salad – pizza and pasta - This hotel has really broken the mould as I have never been offered so much variety and really enjoyed eating instead of just surviving.”



Janetarm                   lti Louis Grand Hotel          “Being a vegetarian I was delighted to see that this time they had a separate area for meat-free items, but there was still a great selection for everyone.”



Heidi N                      PrimaSol Louis Ionian Sun    “as a veggie I'm a bit picky but I was never disappointed.”

Friday, 07 June 2013 11:18

Thing to do in Zante

Holidays in Zante



Taking a holiday in Zante is one of the best choices that you can make. Not only does it have many different things for individuals to enjoy, it’s also a great place to take your entire family. The scenery is great and it’s filled with tons of exciting attractions. The Venetian architecture gives it a unique and charming look that will capture your heart from the first time you see it. It truly is one of the best holiday spots that you can visit, and for many reasons. Let’s talk a bit more about some of the attractions and fun that you can have in Zante.

Beautiful Beaches

One of the biggest attractions in Zante is the beaches. There are some absolutely gorgeous beaches in this region that are certain to please. No visit is complete without visiting Smuggler's Cove. It's considered to be one of the most photographed beaches in the islands of Greece. Another must see location within Zante is Shipwreck bay. This region is the home of an ancient ship that was washed up on the beach. It's certainly a wonderful sight to see. No matter what type of scenery you’re looking for, it’s likely that you’ll find something in Zante to suit your needs.

Exciting Nightlife

Zante is known for its very exciting nightlife, and there's never a shortage of party goers. No matter what you're into, it's certain that there's something for you. Dancing, drinking, partying and all around fun is what you'll find when you visit this area. There are really tons of different nightclubs in the region, so you won't have to visit the same one twice. The primary age group of the people who visit nightclubs in the region of Zante is around 20-30. Zante is certainly a non-stop party area, so you will never run into a dull moment.

Family Fun

Just because Zante has a big nightclub scene doesn't mean that you should be weary of bringing your family with you. There are many family friendly attractions to check out while you're in Zante. Spend a day at the beach and take in the beautiful scenery or check out many of the stunning resorts. You really can't go wrong when you make the choice to holiday in Zante, it is a location that is filled with fun, excitement, beauty and many other things. Don’t hesitate; take the opportunity to treat yourself to the holiday of a lifetime!

Zakynthos History, Greece

Zakynthos 047


According of Homer, the first citizen of the island was the Prince Zakynthos, the son of King Dardanos of Troy, who arrived here amongst 1500 and 1600 B.C. Afterwards; the island was inhabited by the Arcadians, whose culture established through the exploitation of the fertile soil. They went on to found colonies. An additional colony was also Kodonies in Crete. Later, Zakynthos was ruled by King Arkisos of Cephalonia and was subsequently conquered by the famous Ulysses. Upon Ulysses return to Ithaca and with Neoptolemos' mediation, a treaty was signed yielding autonomy and democracy on the island, the first in the Hellenic region.

The Early Years of Zante

In the 6th century BC, silver currency was originated, which illustrates Apollon three-legged. At the start of the Persian War Zakynthos remained unbiased, but in the battle of Plataies it took part against the Persians, and they beat them back to Asia.From 455 B.C. Zakynthos was associated with the Athenians and with Corfu, and faced together the Corinthians. Once the defeat of the Athenians in Cicily occurred, Zakynthos was captured by the Lacdaimonias (Sparta), who forced an oligarchic regime. Later on, the inhabitants rebelled and re-established equality.

Warfare in Zante

During the Macedonian War, the island was engaged by the Macedonians, and afterwards by the Romans. After the first years under the command of a Roman governor, the island was approved the right to be governed by its own laws, have its own town, parliament, legislature, and currency with a local symbol. This era donated to a great cultural progress on Zakynthos.In 34 A.D. Maria Magdalena and Maria Klopa, on their way to Rome, brought Christianity to the island and the name of the village Maries is a proof of this fact. Each year there is an excessive ceremony and feast to honor this occasion.

Later Years

Constantine the Great, during the Byzantine era, comprised Zakynthos in the province of Illyria. During this time the island hurt from pirates and, later on, also from the Crusaders, passing from the East to the West.In 1084, the island was employed by the Venetians; and from the finish of the 12th century until 1357, by the French.In 1357, the De Toki dynasty developed on the island. They paid to administrative and economic organization, which caused an important growth and progress of Zakynthos until the Turks attacked and the people had to escape from the isle to Peloponnesian.

  New facilities include:


- Baby lounge - private space located near the pool, for mothers to take
  care of their infants.


- Teenagers hangout - dedicated outdoor area for teenagers were they can
  play, relax, hangout


- Yoga Kiosk - a kiosk for Yoga and other activities


- Tavern by the sea - a la carte restaurant which serves meze and All
  inclusive guests can us free of charge once a week.


- Theas Coffee Shop - coffee shop which sells exclusive coffees, smoothies
  and fresh juices (not included in All inclusive program)

Monday, 20 May 2013 13:30

Louis Hotels Sustainability Policy

Here at Louis Hotels, we are of the belief that CONSUMPTION is at the heart of every environmental challenge which our planet is currently facing. We are talking about consumption of electricity, fossil fuels, water, food and land, to name but a few elements. By following the worldwide developments on sustainability, we have noticed that to tackle the problem a very widespread strategy must be in place; a strategy which has many facets and branches. We feel that this is the reason why as humans, we have failed to tackle the problem; there are too many variables and too many ‘to do lists’ which instead of motivating us, actually quash our enthusiasm. We need a simple and effective strategy, a one-size-fits-all movement that requires only a fraction of the effort any of us could imagine. This is the problematic that we, as LouisHotels, have pursued over the past few years. Surely, we said, there must be something simple yet widespread, that every single one of us can afford to do?
Finally we have discovered the solution: none other than reducing our dependence on animal products (livestock). For the first time ever, mainstream blogs, books and studies have been published, stating the obvious when it comes to livestock; that one of the biggest contributors to climate change is, in fact, the food we eat. It has emerged that 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases are a by-product of worldwide livestock production to feed our neverending appetite for animal products. By comparison, worldwide transport (sea, land, and air COMBINED) only accounts for 14% of the world’s greenhouse gases.

So yes, what we eat and how often is detrimental to our planet. Far more so than our household consumption of water, electricity or fuel. Here are some more facts*:
• If every meat eater in the United States alone swapped just one portion of chicken per week for a vegetarian meal, it would be the CO2 equivalent of taking 500’000 cars off the road
• By avoiding meat one day every two months you save more water than if you didn’t shower at all for those two months
• A meal of soy beans can be cultivated with only 4% the energy required to cultivate a meal of beef
• A 2.5-acre piece of land could produce enough plant based food for the entire life span of 20 people; the same piece of land could produce enough animal products for only 1 person, therefore the implications on land use from a meat-based diet are huge
• A cow can feed 1’000 people with its flesh, yet the grains used to raise the cow for meat could have fed 128’000 people instead; this means that every steak we have comes at the expense of 128 portions of food for children dying of hunger

These stats are shocking and though energy, land, water and fuel are also used for plant based foods as well, the consumption required is nowhere near as high as meat. The solution is therefore simple: reduce our dependence on livestock, and we will reduce our impact on the environment, at a faster rate than anything else we do. It is incredible to know that the same food choices which could eliminate world hunger, are also those that take the least toll on the environment. Louis Hotels is therefore proud to support the worldwide initiative to reduce consumption of meat, called Meatless Monday (www.meatlessmonday.com). By sodoing, we aim to educate our guests about the impacts of their food choices on the environment, without however reducing the quantity, quality and variety of our meat based dishes. We will simply re-invent and re-enforce our vegetarian options so that those who wish to adopt the Meatless Monday campaign during their stay, will be able to do so in a creative, tasty and stomach-filling way. Louis Hotels promises to measure its consumption of meat from this pointon so that in one year’s time we will be able to tell you what we have achieved, together. Should you wish to follow the Meatless Monday campaign from home as well, please visit their website for resources and tips on how to adopt the campaign in your daily life. Some more information on Meatless Monday is also attached to the back of this policy statement. Our adoption of the Meatless Monday campaign is not the only initiative Louis Hotels will follow from now on. Meatless Monday may be the focal point of our campaign however we will also focus on some smaller points which are easily measurable.

meatless monday  20130527 220214 resized

20130528 183145 resized   20130528 182913 resized

Specifically, we aim to:
• Reduce our consumption of water by giving guests the choice of not washing their bathroom towels every day. Should guests not wish to have their towels washed, these
should be left hanging on the rails rather than lying on the floor or in the bathtub.
• Reduce our consumption of plastic by a) gradually replacing disposable glasses at all outdoor bars with re-usable ones b) installing dispensers where possible to serve water
rather, than serve it in plastic bottles c) replace personalized bathroom amenities with soap and shampoo dispensers.
• Reduce our consumption of food packaging by buying more products in bulk than we did up to now; for example we refrain from buying portioned jams and instead buy in larger packages.
• Recycle as many types of material as possible e.g. paper, glass, tin etc
• Reduce our consumption of electricity through a variety of tactics like installing movement sensors in public area toilets, turning off unnecessary lights, using magnets to switch electricity on and off in rooms etc
• Reduce our consumption of endangered fish species by removing them from our menus entirely e.g. eel, tiger prawn, king prawn, halibut, marlin, scampi, langoustine, blue fin

For more information on the Marine Conservation Society please visit their website

Louis Hotels is very proud to finally be launching its environmental campaign, and we hope that we will have your complete support in so doing. Especially the Meatless Monday campaign is very important to us and we hope that, with your help, we will see a decrease in meat consumption across all our hotels. We have chosen this campaign because we feel it is simple to follow for all of us, while simultaneously having the potential for wide-scale environmental benefits. To rubber stamp our commitment to the environment, as well as to employee and community welfare, Louis Hotels has become a member of the Travelife Sustainability label. This label encourages hospitality organisations to engage in a holistic approach involving environmental, social and community related criteria. For more information on the label please visit their website under www.travelife.org.

* retrieved from the book by John Robbins titled The Food Revolution: how your diet can help save your life and our world.

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20130528 181718 resized  20130528 181800 resized


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
1. Can tourists make payments with credit cards and EC cards

2. Can tourists withdraw money from cash dispensers with their
credit cards and EC cards?

3. Have you noticed bottlenecks in terms of foodstuffs, medications
or gas?

4. Will strikes of the public enterprises, e.g. public transportation
system/ airlines/airport/ferries, be expected?

5. Will museums and sights be opened as usual?

6. Have guest reported of hostilities?

7. Have you had significant cancellations of bookings in the last two

8. Were there any problems with the re-opening of the Banks?

9. Cyprus’ high season is just around the corner. What is the Hotel
Industry forecast for summer season?
The forecast for the summer season was exceptional this year, we
are expecting one of the best years ever. We are sure that when
the "dust settles down" and the work of the banks stabilizes
without any restrictions, the number of bookings will return to the
previous levels with the trend for growth. Already during the
Catholic Easter and Orthodox Easter, many tourists spent their
holidays in Cyprus and were happy to share their positive

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:04

Best beaches in Corfu - Greece

Corfu has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment, but its beauty is what keeps tourists coming back year after year. There are so many gorgeous places and things to see within the island, but its beaches are one of the key components of visiting the area. The beaches that are found in Corfu are one of a kind. You will find all types of scenery and attractions within the area that are certain to please even the most critical traveler. Although Corfu is loaded with many beaches, I’m going to go over some of the absolute best within the area.

Agios Georgios can be found on the west coast of Corfu and it’s situated between two headlands. A lot of people love this region because it is relatively secluded and there aren’t mass amounts of people. It’s a great place to relax and take in the beauty without having to worry about crowds of people.

Situated near the Ipiros region of the Greek inland, Benitses offers some beauty that many travelers have a hard time letting go of. It was at one time a fishing village, but now is the home of many fine eateries as well as entertainment spots. You can enjoy many different watersports including jet skis, speedboats etc. This is a great spot for anyone who is looking to have some fun in the water.

Resting near the western coast of Corfu lays Ermones, which is said to be the very location that Odysseus was washed ashore after his journey. You’ll notice the beautiful mix of rock and vegetation surrounding the sandy beach, which makes for a pleasant view. There are tons of activities to participate in and no shortage of good food.

Messonghi is a favorite amongst locals and it’s easy to see why. What was once the home of a fishing village has now become an all-out center for fun and excitement. The pebbled beach sits just south of Corfu and is surrounded by attractive olive trees. Enjoy yourself by taking advantage of the great fishing spots and having a drink in one of the various old-style taverns.

You’ll find Kontogialos near the western coast of Pelekas. It’s surrounded by gorgeous golden sand that is nothing but inviting. You can take in the pleasant scenery and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a nice tucked away area to enjoy some relaxation time, it doesn’t get much better than Yaliscari. This little gem is located on the western coast of Corfu and it’s known for its pleasant and relaxing qualities. It’s a rather secluded beach, so it’s a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll fall in love with its thick pine trees and golden sand. Afterwards you can visit some of the nearby taverns to wind down.

Corfu has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and beauty. There’s a lot more beaches within the wonderful island, but these are some of the best in my opinion. If you’re looking to give yourself a break from your daily routine, treat yourself and spend some time on these wonderful beaches in Corfu.

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