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Monday, 10 December 2012 16:21

Top 10 places to visit in Limassol, Cyprus

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One of the largest and most interesting places to visit in Cyprus is Limassol. You will be thrilled to explore its historical past, admire its beautiful landscape, and enjoy its fantastic beaches. We have provided a list of top ten places you may visit within its realms and consider finding the best Limassol hotels



The Kolossi Castle

Kolossi Castle, Limassol

The castle stands in remembrance of the Ottoman and Byzantine reign of the region in the past. It holds ancient artifacts taking you back in time when Knight, Templars, and Ottomans once ruled the place. Moreover, it holds a picturesque of the city, which is a breathtaking experience.

Limassol Castle

If you enjoyed the view at Kolossi Castle, then you will enjoy the weapons, armory, and pottery on display at this fortress. Moreover, several tavernas will take you in for a nice afternoon snack you are certain to enjoy.

Kykkos Monastery

Kykkos monastery, Cyprus

If you happened to have a liking to enjoy Troodos Mountains, then take the opportunity to explore Kykkos Monastery. It lies splendidly at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level providing guests with a magnificent view of the mountains, including the valley of cedars on the west leading to Paphos. However, the holy picture of the Child Christ and her Mother is one of the highlights of the Monastery, which is believed to be both miraculous and mysterious.

Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III

Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III

Since you are enjoying a historical escapade in Limassol, why not proceed into visiting the Tomb of Archbishop Makarios III, which is quite near Kykkos Monastery. You will find a bronze statue of the late first president of the country, in honour of his service to the Republic.

Curium Ampitheater

Cyprus, 2008

This used to serve as a place where spectators of gladiator battles would gather, but today it is used to host numerous Shakespearian plays and other cultural events. It is worth the visit, especially for those who love history and archaeology.

Amathus Ruins

The ruins of Kourion, near the modern town of Episkopi

The Ruins in Amathus stand in evidence of the glorious past that was experienced by Limassol. The Temples of Apollo and Aphrodite, ancient monuments, and ancient artifacts, some of which are protected in museums, reveals the long-standing history of Limassol and its connection to the glorious history of Ancient Greece.

The Wine Museum (Oinomousio)

Wine Museum

Limassol holds the name for being the wine capital of Cyprus. Learn how the ancients started the craft of making wine and enjoy a great wine tasting experience in its midst.

Molos Beach

Limassol - Molos area

This is a mile long of beach, which is perfect for families out for the holidays. Your children are bound to have fun with different playgrounds intended for their satisfaction. The place is well maintained and offers a good view of the ocean and boats passing by.

Lady’s Mile Beach

Lady's Mile Beach

This is a popular beach in the region, which is parallel to the British Army Base. It is preferred by many because of its strategic location, making it an abode for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing yet peaceful experience, but remaining close to the city.

The Old Port

beautiful lights on the old port of Limassol

Before leaving Limassol, be sure to bid the Old Port goodbye. You will regret not dropping by because of the recent renovations the government initiated to further boost tourism in the area.

These places are treats to any visitors of Limassol. However, it is highly recommended you find a 5 star Limassol hotel quite near the beach to further enjoy the beauty of the ocean and its beaches.

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