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Monday, 10 December 2012 16:25

Clothing You Actually Need to Pack for Vacation in Cyprus

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You need to be prepared with the Mediterranean climate in Cyprus, which is mostly warm and dry, before leaving your place. This will help you enjoy the fun-filled adventures it offers even more. Therefore, before packing your luggage, guarantee you have the following items in your checklist and you will never miss out any fun under the Cyprus sun.



Spring Clothing

This season falls from March to May. Expect the climate to range from moderate to relatively humid temperature so you may consider preparing the following apparel for your vacation day.

Recommended Clothing:

You will be safe with several shorts, t-shirts, light trousers, and sandals for an everyday trip at the beach. Do not forget your bikinis, as well as your sunglasses because your eyes will need all the protection it needs from the heat of the sun, especially if the temperature begins to rise.

The temperature will vary from morning until the evening. Evening temperature may be chilly but morning and afternoon temperature will offer an ideal climate for a dip at the sea. Ladies may also wish to bring a cardigan or jumper because the night could be quite chilly. However, those who are planning to go on a hiking adventure are suggested to bring waterproof shoes, vest, and khaki pants for an enjoyable trip to the mountains.

Fashion Wear

If you wish to remain fashionable while on a Cyprus vacation, you may bring a sarong and it could easily be transformed into a bed cover, beach towel, curtain, or a travel wardrobe to wrap your legs or as a head cover. It is a must have for any beach lover.

Summer Season

Prepare for a seriously hot weather during the summer season during the months of June to September. Temperature will range from 31 to 40 °C, thus many locales and tourists prefer staying up to the Troodos Mountains where it is cooler and fresher than the sea.

Recommended Clothing:

You will be more comfortable with cotton tops and shorts. You may wish to wear as little as possible because of the hot weather condition. Avoid synthetic fabric, but bring plenty of high factor sun cream to protect your skin. You will still need to bring protective sunglasses during your day tour and water container to guarantee you will drink plenty of fluids.

Autumn Season

This is one of the interesting seasons in Cyprus. Weather is very comfortable beginning the month of October but it will gradually drop as it reaches the month of November. If you plan to stay for the entire season, then you should bring a combination of light trousers, shorts, jeans, long sleeve top, sandals, and shoes. Evening will be chilly so be prepared to wear your cardigan and jackets, unless you are accustomed to a temperature range of 11 to 22 °C.

Winter Season

Visitors will still be pleased to visit Cyprus during the Winter Season. You may plan your Holiday Festivity in its midst and it will greet you with temperature range of 9 to 18 °C. You will be happy to bring long sleeve jumper, winter trousers, jeans, and shoes. For some, bringing a winter coat would be wise, just in case the weather unexpectedly becomes unfriendly.

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